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Ruweida Kwegyir Aggrey

Customer Service  Expert
  • Customer Service Consultant – EL- Grey Consult

  • Former Customer Service Consultant – Stanbic Bank Ghana

  • Former Service Advisor – First National Bank Ghana

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1. Not having an answer to the customer’s question2021-01-25T05:48:34+00:00

Handling this challenge is more about what you shouldn’t do than what you should do.

The key is to avoid being unclear in your response.

If you do not have the answer, acknowledge the question’s difficulty, ask them for time to find a solution, then guarantee you’ll contact them.

2. Failing to understand what customers want2021-01-25T05:57:28+00:00

Sometimes customers can have a hard time explaining what they want.

If possible, ask the customer to take you step-by-step through their issue, take notes while they explain.

Ask questions based on the note you have taken and get the customer to confirm your understanding of their request.

3. Dealing with angry customers2021-01-25T06:30:08+00:00

Every company will occasionally face an irate customer.

Irate customers want to vent.

In the process of venting they want to be heard, As a good customer service personnel, you have to strategically position yourself to sincerely listen, sympathize, and offer so a practical solution.

4. You’re Spending Too Much Time on Unqualified Prospects2021-01-25T07:22:59+00:00

Having a “progressive profiling” strategy or tool will help you qualify or disqualify a prospect within the shortest possible time.

From a qualification standpoint, you can use a  tool like BANT to make sure the prospect fits your qualified lead mark.

5. Referral Business Is Low Despite Satisfied Customers.2021-01-25T07:42:20+00:00

Referral business is a terrific asset, particularly in B2B. It can reduce your cost per customer acquisition and give you a steady stream of customers with shorter cycle times. But, mysteriously, referrals can fail to show up even if your current customers are happy.


Remember, people don’t usually take the action you want unless you make the next step clear. It’s true on your website – remember calls to action – and true here. Find creative ways to incentivize and motivate referrals, such as special pricing.

6. Customers want a discount you can’t give2021-01-25T08:29:34+00:00

Discounting can get customers to buy from you. But it also devalues your brand’s perception in the customer’s eyes.
So, use this strategy sparingly.

No customer likes to hear “no” from a customer service rep. Explain to them why you can’t give them the discount.

7. You need to fire a customer2021-01-25T09:38:56+00:00

Some people are better suited for your product or service than others. But letting a customer go is never easy. So, if you need to do it, do it with grace and respect. Use this four-step approach:

  • Be positive and appreciative
  • Re-frame the situation as your fault
  • Make the customer whole
  • Apologize and offer an alternative